Kevin Sylvester will make you laugh - and by doing so, will trick you into learning stuff!

Kevin has written and/or illustrated more than thirty books, including The Almost Epic Squad #1: Mucous Mayhem, the Neil Flambé Capers (now at six books), and the MINRs trilogy.

His sci-fi series MINRs is already a bestseller and critical success. MINRS was a Red Maple and MYRCA Honour Book in 2017. MINRS3 – the final book in the series – will be out in 2018.

Super-Duper Monster Viewer is his second picture book. Splinters was released in 2010.

He also illustrated GREAT (with Glen Gretzky and Lauri Holomis).

Kevin non-fiction titles include Follow Your Money, Basketballogy, Baseballogy, Sports Hall of Weird and Gold Medal for Weird.