In this hilarious multi-author, middle-grade series, by authors Kevin Sylvester, Ted Staunton, Lesley Livingston and Richard Scrimger, four kids are about to discover what they're really made of. It might not be a superpower, but it sure is almost a superpower! For more information, visit:

I make a lot of videos - all book related. Here are some of them and feel free to use in your class or library!

Author Kevin Sylvester answers Toronto Public Library's question: If the Library was burning, which one book would you save? Kevin Sylvester is the author of the middle grade series The Neil Flambe Capers. For more information visit:
This video is a trailer I made for the book MINRS
This is my hand-drawn (old school!) trailer for my book MINRS2 Check out for more info.

Recorded just before the release of MINRS3 in 2018. A preview of Book one!

Kevin Sylvester reads from Neil Flambé and the Tokyo Treasure (Simon & Schuster, 2012) for World Read Aloud Day. Follow Kevin online: Blog: Website: Facebook: Twitter: And the greatkidsreadspodcast at Every year, LitWorld's advocacy campaign for the human right of literacy calls worldwide attention to the importance of reading aloud and sharing stories.
Kevin Sylvester sort of takes the ice bucket challenge... sort of.
Kevin Sylvester, author of Super-Duper Monster Viewer, thanks technology - and gives us a glimpse as to where some of the illustrations in Super-Duper Monster Viewer might have been inspired from. About Super-Duper Monster Viewer:
How a few messy lines can lead to a 'Duel in the Desert' . Kevin Sylvester sketches of some of his favourite characters from his latest book.
Kevin Sylvester tells a story about a book he refused to read. #bigmistake #regrets Like it? Subscribe to our channel! MAKE ME READ SERIES ONE CREDITS starring... Aisha Brown Jordan Foisy Michael Kolberg Kayla Lorette Deanne Smith Plus... the gracious authors and book champions who played along Series created and produced by...
We had a blast watching (and helping!) Kevin Sylvester install his Neil Flambé mural outside the store last Friday afternoon. Almost as much fun as we had on Saturday for the big reveal!
Kevin Sylvester, author and illustrator, talks about the OLA's Forest of Reading Program. The Silver Birch Award (Kevin has won 3) is turning 20! Kevin thinks it's the best program for kids books anywhere, and uses one of his awards and a tree to explain.
In this hilarious new multi-author series, four kids are about to discover what they're really made of. It might not be a superpower, but it sure is almost a superpower! For more information, visit:
This video is about making a Popcorn (and cauliflower) Omelette. I was challenged by Susan Juby and the folks at Mabel's Fables to try this.
This is a much longer, sillier and grosser trailer that I filmed for my book Mucus Mayhem - the 1st book in the Almost Epic Squad series from Scholastic!
This was the movie we showed on the big screen during the Hamilton Bulldogs Literacy Day game - November 14, 2018. Mucus Mayhem was chosen as the book! And we talked about what it really means to be super.
The very first of my home-made Almost Epic Squad Trailers!

My friend Debbie Ohi asked me to answer some questions about my series MINRs. Here are some answers! PLUS, some advice for young writers and what's coming from my messy attic studio (see video for reference) in the near future.